Abstract Series – (e)MOTION

Selected Works

I am fascinated by the world around me.

My abstract paintings incorporate action and movement, layer upon layer, with intense emotion. The aesthetic sensibility comes from a place of total freedom- a blank canvas which pulls upon memories, intuition, emotions and serves as a foundation for the paintings themselves speak to me.

I am fascinated by a strong sense of color, balance, form and harmony.

Some are characterized by densely hinged geometric shapes while others follow biomorphic forms. Some are intensely colored while some are muted. All are a dance in their form and technique. I use a variety of material and brushes and knives to create these effects. What is captured is a view into my thoughts, a mirror of my feelings, joy and sorrow, success and failure, cowardice and courage, and the divergent and often conflicting themes in society today. These paintings come from intuition and spirituality, to personal truth and realization.