Artist Statement

My aesthetic sensibility comes from personal journey, passionate honesty – a blank canvas which pulls upon memories, intuition, emotions- which serves as an interpretative foundation for both my female figurative abstracts as well as my lyrical expressionist paintings.

I am inspired by the power of female form and my figurative work explores and hopes to contextualize the sexuality, courage, and undaunting resilience of what it means to be a “woman.” It embraces the ever changing ideals of female beauty, diversity and individuality, unbound by previous constraints.  In a world fraught with strife and an emphasis on materiality, these women stand as a testament to their own inner strength and confidence and I paint to honor that beauty, their inner turmoil and triumph. 

I am fascinated by the world around me, and draw influence from music, film and fashion, from extensive cultural experiences, from my life as a wife and mother, and from my humanitarian work.  Having grown up and currently living in Los Angeles, I am surrounded by mountains and desert and sea.  And with its stellar beauty and infamous light, it is also the home of Hollywood hype and make believe creating an air of the unreal and surreal.  These juxtapositions of extremes have influenced my exploration of color, balance, lyrical form and gestural motion in my abstract work. 

Free expression is a passion of mine, and I want to capture a state of being, a view into my thoughts, a mirror of my feelings, joy and sorrow, success and failure, cowardice and courage, and the divergent and often conflicting themes in our very turbulent society today.  I hope the viewer interjects their own imagination into these lives, their story lines, conjuring their own sensations and emotions, and can laugh and live a bit too.