Artist Statement

My inspiration stems from the power of the female form as well as the strength and compassion of humanity. I am fascinated by the world around me, and draw influence from music, film and fashion, from extensive cultural insight, from my life as a mother and wife, from my views on beauty, love, desire and hope.

My work is an exploration of color, balance, form and harmony, honing in on my evolving technique which uses layers and movement atop a blank canvas. Inherently, I paint from a place of freedom which pulls upon memories and emotions. My abstract paintings tend to be biomorphic in shape and lyrical in quality. This is not only prevalent in my abstract works but my figurative pieces and portraits of women as well. In my figurative works utilizing live models and photographs, I explore different forms of the body, breaking down and taking in the details of each part that make the figure a natural, vastly unique, earthly design. Together they form a homogenous visual that has the pulse of humanity combined with the abstract quality of spirituality.

I use a variety of materials, brushes, and knives to create these moments. What is captured is a view into my thoughts, a mirror of my feelings, joy and sorrow, success and failure, cowardice and courage, and the divergent and often conflicting themes in society today. These paintings come from intuition, personal truth and realization.